Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness – HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection

  • Forensic investigation into mechanical system failures
  • Honest and ethical participation
  • Confident and defensible opinions
  • Defense or Plaintiff assignments
  • Reasonable and responsible system repair recommendations
  • Thorough written reports that are comprehensive, organized and complete
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to describe mechanical system strengths and weaknesses to non-engineer audiences
  • Deposition and court-room testimony

Mechanical Systems Analysis

Mechanical Due Diligence for Property Purchase or Sale

  • Comprehensive field survey and visual inspection of installed systems
  • Inventory of existing equipment
  • Determination of system deficiencies and recommended repairs
  • Review of all documentation including contract documents, O&M Manuals, TAB reports, Service records, Trend logs
  • Building code compliance review
  • Ballpark probable costs for systems upgrades
  • Heat gain/heat loss calculations with comparison to predicted installed equipment capacity
  • Photo Journals
  • Detailed and thorough written summary report including detailed description of all mechanical systems; recommendations for repairs, renovation and system upgrades; Probable cost predictions

Mechanical Systems Troubleshooting

  • Air & water flow imbalance
  • System capacity evolution
  • Temperature controls sequence and functionality
  • Ductwork integrity and sizing
  • Piping integrity and sizing
  • Equipment capacity
  • IAQ investigation
  • Hot or cold building performance
  • Plumbing utility sizes and capacities including, natural gas and propane fuels, domestic hot and cold water, sanitary waste and vent, medical and process gases and fluids

Controlled Maintenance Projects, such as:

  • Boiler replacement and heating system modernization
  • Chiller replacement and cooling system modernization
  • Mechanical systems conversions and replacement
  • Temperature controls upgrade
  • Energy performance upgrade

Historic Structure Assessment

  • Comprehensive field survey and visual assessment
  • Recommendations for system replacement including complete systems or components only
  • Photo journal
  • Statement of probable cost prediction
  • Detailed written summary report

Document Review and Analysis

Peer Review – Quality Assurance

  • Comprehensive review of contract documents
  • HVAC and plumbing load analysis
  • Equipment selection, type and capacity
  • System layout for efficiency and ease of maintenance
  • Ductwork and pipe sizing
  • Building code compliance
  • Temperature controls sequence of operation
  • Non-threatening communications with Engineer of Record
  • Team approach – cooperative and respectful of Engineer of Record

Building Code Plan Review

  • Mechanical code review
  • Plumbing code review
  • Fire Protection code review
  • Energy conservation code review

Smoke Control Systems Special Inspection

  • Develop protocol for testing of smoke control systems
  • Duct system pressure testing witness
  • Witness smoke control systems testing procedures
  • Allows compliance with IBC 909.18.8 and 1704.14
  • Written report summarizing all testing
  • Participate in design and construction team meetings
  • Cooperative involvement, non-combative
  • Construction site inspection services
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